7 Soft Maxi Dry L 235mm

Product type: Straight

Number of pads: 20
MRP: Rs. 75


  • Odour control system to feel fresh the whole day
  • Dry cover helps long-lasting best dry feel.
  • Cool and fresh scent for freshness throughout the day
  • SAP technology for increased absorbency
  • Hygienic and clean all through the day
  • Perfect wings to protect better from side leak

What's in a 24 CARE pad?


  • Anti Bacterial - No infection, No Irritation, No Allergenic, Long time comfort, day & night use - only in anti bacterial pack
  • Cottony Soft Cover- Keeps you in relaxed mood with premium soft cotton feel - only in anti bacterial, cottony & aloe vear pack
  • Dry net cover - helps in long last best dry feel. Extra absorbent channel – controls heavy flows pad wetness for long last best dry feel.
  • Gel Technology - Protects during heavy flow and super absorbent power keeps you clean hygienic, active throughout whole period days.
  • Perfect wings design- Keeps the pad in place & better protection from side leak with anti-leak lock system
  • Odour control system- Cool & fresh scent gives you freshness throughout your period days
  • Soft & Discreet, tested by dermatologist, skin friendly
  • Gel technology for extra absorbency
  • Odour control system
  • Anti-bacterial chip
  • Long time comfort
  • Soft and discreet
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Tested by dermatologist


  • Cottony soft cover -only in anti bacterial, cottony & aloe vera pack except ultra dry feel and maxi.
  • Dry net cover - keep as it is in all ultra dry feel and maxi except anti bacterial, cottony and aloevera pack.
  • Long last best dry feel
  • Cotton core with gel technology
  • Cool & fresh scent and Cool & fresh aloe vera scent in aloe vera pack
  • Premium soft cotton feel -only in anti bacterial, cottony & aloe vera pack except ultra dry feel and maxi.
  • Non-toxic adhesive
  • Perfect wing design
  • Neutral pH values


  • Does not contain unhygienic plastics
  • Does not contain water soluble colouring chemicals
  • Unwanted dirt and foreign materials
  • Oil spits & Chemicals
  • Deodorant or other chemicals
  • Toxins
  • Irritants